An ADDREZ (pronounced ad·drez) is, in it’s most simple form, a domain name based around an actual, physical street address – (for example – www.10downingst.co.uk )

However an ADDREZ domain name is just the starting point – most ADDREZs are extended to include email, a website/blog, and potentially a host of other features and  functionality designed to meet a variety of purposes – limited only by your imagination.

Most of us tend to form an emotional attachment  with the places (past and present) we live and work – often referring to these places by their street address.

ADDREZ allows you to “put your place online” – often in the form of a website or blog with information, photos, news, stories, gossip, videos and pretty much anything you’d like to associate with your residential or business address.

When you sell, or move, your ADDREZ should ideally be passed onto the new owners/tenants – for them to use, customise, extend, change or even ignore – as they see fit.  In months or years to come, wouldn’t you be curious to lookup your old  ADDREZ to see what has changed since you moved on?