Types of ADDREZ

There are many different types of Addrez – with the “type” being defined by how the Addrez is currently being used.  Here are some examples :

  • ForSaleADDREZ – The Addrez website is being used to help promote the sale of a property.  Ownership of ForSaleAddrez’s would typically be passed onto the new owner as a part of the sale process
  • ForRentADDREZ – the Addrez is being used to market the rental or lease of a property.  Access to these Addrez’s may be passed onto the renter to allow them to add, update and extend the Addrez site.  (note: access may be limited)
  • HomeADDREZ– the Addrez is for a private home and can be used in a multiple of different ways (or combinations) – for example :
    • PhotoADDREZ – A Photo Gallery (or galleries) related to the address – great for showing your friends/family what you’ve been up to
    • AddrezEvent – the Addrez is promoting a specific event – e.g. a house warming, a party, wedding, etc…
    • AddrezBlog – a blog (which could be made private) about activities at the particular address – possibly covering many years and the lives of a number of families who lived there
    • TimeADDREZ – a chronological (timeline) based history of events, activities, people, pets, hopes, dreams, triumphs, failures, births and deaths, anecdotes, stories, photos, videos and anything else related to a specific address  (most likely in blog type format)
  • BizADDREZ– the Addrez is for a business that works out of or at the relevant street address, e.g. a restaurant, bar, etc…
    • TennantsDirectory – a business directory of Tennants based out of a particular address .  This can be particularly useful for multi-level buildings with many tenants on different floors. It provides an opportunity for each tenant to have their own “page” (or section) with information about them and the products/services they offer
  • EmailADDREZ – the Addrez may also be used for email – e.g. contact@myaddress.com  (whether or not it has an associated website)