What is the recommended Structure for an ADDREZ?

The characters which can be used in domain names are limited to :

  • numbers (0-9)
  • alphabetic characters (a-z)
  • and the hyphen symbol (“-“)

So we recommend that the the ideal structure for an ADDREZ is : unitnum-streetnum-streetname-streetabbrev.tld

Where :

  • uninum is the unit/apartment number (if relevant)
  • streetnum is the street number
  • streetname is the street name (with spaces removed)
  • streetabbrev – is an abbreviation of the type of “street”
  • tld – is the top level domain most relevant to your location (.com.au for Australia, .co.uk for United Kingdome, etc…)

What if My ADDREZ is not available?

Because street names are not unique (e.g. the same street names may be used in different countries, cities, or even suburbs within the same city) it is possible (and as ADDREZs become more popular, increasingly likely) that your ADDREZ may have already been registered.  In these cases, we recommend that you consider also using the suburb or postcode – e.g.  unitnum-streetnum-streetname-streetabbrev-suburb.tld or unitnum-streetnum-streetname-streetabbrev-postcode.tld