Custom ADDREZs

We offer a variety of customised ADDREZ Features, Functionality and Options to meet specific purposes.  Outlined below are some of the more common ones, click on a heading for more details or if you have a requirement not listed here, please Contact Us – we would love to be able to help.

Real Estate ADDREZs

Designed specifically for Estate Agents and people selling or renting a property, ADDREZs offer a unique, innovative and fresh way to promote property that is available for sale or rent.

Home / Family ADDREZs

Currently, the majority of ADDREZs tend to be setup for residential homes – as a way of keeping friends and family “in the loop” about what is going on in the life of the family or people living at the address.  a Home ADDREZ can include General Information, News, Photos or Videos, and can even accept submissions or comments from friends and family.

Personal / Private ADDREZs

If you love the concept of ADDREZs, but are nervous about “telling the world” all about your place, we can help you to keep part, or all of your site private.  You get to decide what content (if any) is available to the general public and which you would like to be kept private – so that only those you want, can access the content.