Other Services

As well as our “standard packages” we can offer a voerty of other services as outlined below :


If you’d like something extra added to your ADDREZ, a Logo designed, an image created, or some content tweaked, or if you run into problems that you are not quite sure how to resolve, we can provide consulting services to do (or fix) it for you.  Consulting needs to be  prepaid and can be provided on an hourly basis.  The basic hourly rate is $132, but we can offer discounts (up to 20%) for batches of 4 to 10 hrs of prepaid consulting.


Many of our packages provide access to video training, and some include customised one on one training (which may be face to face or over Skype), however, if you would like some extra training on how to get the best out of your ADDREZ, you can book training for 1-4 hrs (the same rates and conditions as Consulting apply)