Real Estate Packages & Options

We offer a variety of packages and options for Real Estate Agencies :

Off The Shelf ADDREZ

We offer a variety of predefined ADDREZs with different  colour schemes, layouts and features.  You simply choose the look you prefer, provide us with images and content, and we will create the ADDREZ for you. Or, if you are feeling a little “techy”, we will setup the basic ADDREZ structure for you and you can add the content yourself.  Off The Shelf ADDREZs cost $660 each.

Custom Themed ADDREZ

We develop an ADDREZ Theme based around the colour scheme of your existing business, incorporating your logo, and with a “standard” structure and layout of your choice.  A custom ADDREZ helps to promote your brand and makes it easier for you to update and manage your ADDREZs yourself.  It also provides a consistent interface for potential buyers, making it easier for them to find and view.  Your first Custom Themed ADDREZ will cost $880, but subsequent ADDREZs you order (using the same customised theme) will only cost $550.


You can save money by pre-paying for a batch of ADDREZs.  We offer a 10% discount for Packs of 5 and a 15% discount for pacsk of 10 ADDREZs.  Prepaid ADDREZs can be used any time within 12 months of purchase

ADDREZ Training

Once you’ve tried out a few ADDREZs for your clients – and are satisfied that they are an awesome way to help sell your properties – it is likely that you will want to start including ADDREZs for your higher end properties. At this stage you will probably want more control over your ADDREZs and will not want to be so dependent on us to develop them for you.  We can create a customised ADDREZ theme and provide you or your staff with the tools and training needed to be able to create your own client ADDREZs.  Please Contact Us for options and costs for ADDREZ Training.

Extra Real Estate Options

  • Photography – If you don’t already have some decent photos to use on the site or as a part of your Photo Gallery, we may be able to arrange this for you – or at least point you in the direction of some reputable photographers who specialise in Real Estate Photography
  • Vidoes – a promotional video or walkthrough of you property can add real zing to the impact of your ADDREZ.  We can arrange or refer you to professional Real Estate Videographers who specialise in filming, editing and productin promotional videos for the Real Estate Industry